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Concrete - Broom

Just as the name would suggest, this texture comes from a broom sliding across the surface of the concrete. Broom finish is the most common on non-colored, white concrete driveways.

Concrete - Color & Stamp

  • Most popular choice for a patio surface

  • Many patterns, stamps, colors, and accent/border options

  • Lower cost than pavers

Patio - Concrete Color & Stamp

Concrete - Exposed Aggregate

  • Surface created by “exposing” stones in the concrete

  • Cost effective way to build a patio

  • Add in glow stones, sea shells, etc. to create unique interest


  • Endless design options

  • Mix and match colors and styles to create a unique look

  • Flexible surface allows for changes and repairs

  • New dense surface pavers reduce the appearance of fading

  • Choose from Unilock, Cambridge, Techobloc


Retaining Walls

  • Unilock, Cambridge, Techobloc

  • 6×6 or pressure treated

  • Concrete block

  • Boulders/rocks/stones

  • Fieldstone

Outdoor Living

  • Struxure pergolas 

  • Fire features

  • Heating

  • Lighting

  • Sound

  • Pre-built kitchen options from Unilock, Cambridge, Techobloc

  • Custom-built kitchens

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