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StruXure Smart Pergolas


A New Way to Cover Your Outdoor Living Space 

Struxure pergolas have powered louvers that open when you want sunlight or air flow, and close when its raining or you need shade.

Their 360° guttering system makes your outdoor space usable during rain and inclement weather.

Add in lighting, fans, wind and rain sensors, Wi-Fi control, heaters, sun shades or screens — the possibilities are endless.

Why install a typical roof, when you can have a dynamic patio cover that adjusts to our beautiful seasons?

Struxure makes the perfect cover for your business.

Patio space now more than ever is vital for restaurants. If you're looking to increase your revenue per square foot, adding a Struxure pergola is a perfect solution.


Struxure offers the ability to adjust the atmosphere of your patio depending on the weather conditions. You can also extend your season into early spring or late fall by adding heaters, screen, shades, etc. 

Authorized Struxure Dealer and Installer for WNY and Northern PA

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